How to find out and STOP your kids from vaping before having them DEVELOP a lifetime addiction. 

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Did you know that 1 in 4 teens vape?

The Facts about the Physical Harm of Vaping:

The first vaporizer (“vape”) was invented in 2003. It was initially marketed to help smokers stop smoking. It took some time for it to gain popularity. By 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) took notice of vaping and the potential adverse effects. In 2015 the WHO reviewed multiple studies on e-cigarettes and produced a report describing the dangers of vaping.

First of all, vaping is addictive because of nicotine. It turns out that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Many “nicotine-free” products were found to have nicotine and many nicotine products had nicotine levels that were much higher than advertised on the label. 

Nicotine and “nicotine-free” Vape devices all produce small, damaging particles (“nanoparticles”) - about 3000X the amount in normal air. The high level of particles can increase the risk of asthma, lung cancer and the normal growth and development of the lungs. 

My Take...

That means that these money hungry companies can put whatever the want in them. They can use the cheapest, most harmful chemicals that they can get their hands on. And fruity flavors tend to produce the highest level of cancer causing chemicals! 

I want to teach you how to identify all the different variations of E-Cigarettes. Did you know most blend in with everyday technological devices? That's right, they look like teens commonly use for school. In fact, many of them plug right into their laptop to charge up.

Many parents are unaware of how these companies have made it cool for teens to carry around these devices. Teens will often flaunt them in front of parents and teachers who they know don't know what they are looking at. 

After our course, you are going to learn how to spot the vapes that your teens and your teens friends are being exposed to each and every day. In order to spot them, I need to tell you where most teens like to hide them. Learn all the secret spots!

Discovery my secrets on "starting the conversation" with your teen. This is often the most difficult part. Most teens will hide this habit and fiercely defend their friends who may be vaping. 

It is important that this subject is brought up the right way.  This is your opportunity to greatly impact your teen's life. I want to give you solid information that you can use to leverage the conversation with your teen. Save your teen from a potential lifetime of addiction and take my course today!
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